About Awhina Law

Our Story

At Awhina Law we are interested in you, your story and what is in your best interest.

We care about our clients safety, rights and emotional well-being.

Who you choose to represent you in legal matters is an important decision, and so you may want to know a little bit about us.

This is our story

The name of our law office “Awhina” means to assist, to help, to support.


To inspire and empower our whanau to live in a violence free world.

The team at Awhina Law value people, their right to be safe and respected. We strongly believe that every life has a special purpose and that we are all equal. We strive to treat others the way we would like to be treated, this includes everyone; clients and each other.


Awhina Law’s mission is to get everyone to understand that there is a solution/answer, even in the most difficult situations and circumstances and we are here (have the expertise and understanding) to help/support/assist them to find it.


We believe planting seeds of knowledge will inspire changes within our whanau.

We live by the following values

  1. Empower – with knowledge
  2. Safety – is our priority
  3. Inspire – our clients growth

Awhina Law

What’s it like to be an Awhina Law client?

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How We Do It

Our workplace is relaxed and child friendly. We can also provide consultations over the phone.
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Areas we Cover

If you are in a remote area, or small rural settlement, we are your voice too.
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What it Costs

We help keep costs down by negotiating the best outcome as early as possible.
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What We Do

The team at Awhina Law value people, their right to be safe and respected.
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