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Protection Orders

Apply For A Protection Order

  • We work discreetly so your abuser doesn’t need to find out
  • We can help you obtain a protection order if you want one
  • We ensure you understand all your options – going to court isn’t the only one

Do You Need Help?

Domestic Violence is abuse of any kind – physical, sexual or emotional. It can be one of these, or a combination.

  • All are damaging
  • All are not okay
  • All must stop

Sometimes it is hard to recognise signs of abuse. It may be more subtle to start with like using tactics to isolate you from family and friends, monitoring your phone as a means of controlling you, or using mind games to make you feel like ‘you’re going crazy’. Other times it’s quite direct like hitting, punching, kicking or strangling. You can know the signs of abuse by visiting ‘are you okay’.